Landscaping and Outdoor Living Resources
For South Island Home Owners

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If you are a home or property owner in Sidney, Saanich or Victoria and you're looking to complete a landscaping project then you've just stumbled upon a fantastic resource.  This is a collection of local landscaping resources, products, suppliers and contractors throughout Greater Victoria and the South Island.

Landscape Resources Every Homeowner Should Have

BC One Call 1-800 474-6886 - Every year there are dozens and dozens of underground utility strikes across the province that often result in serious injury or even death.  Before you begin any excavation for your landscaping project give BC One Call a call and have them come out to your location.  1-800 474-6886

Gardening and Landscaping Resources From The CRD (Capital Regional District)

Natural Gardening Information - The CRD (capital regional district) has put together a fantastic resource for property owners looking to learn more about their landscaping and how it impacts the local environment.

Common Plants of The Garry Oak Ecosystem (Opens PDF)- This is a collection of plants that can be found within our Garry Oak ecosystem on Vancouver Island.  There are many great suggestions for natural (native) plants that can be used for your garden and landscape design.

Creating Your Own Butterfly Garden With Native Plants (Opens PDF) - There are many naturally occurring species of butterfly on Vancouver Island and this is a list of some of their favorite native plants and flowers.

Native Vancouver Island Plants For Rock Gardens (Opens PDF) - If you have a property with lots of natural rock formations this article will be helpful.  It discusses various native plants that thrive in a rocky environment.

Native Vancouver Island Plants For The Sea Shore (Opens PDF) - Do you own a waterfront or beachfront property on the South Island?  It can be challenging finding the right plants and flowers that are hardy enough for this environment but this list will give you several ideas.

Landscaping On Properties With Septic Systems - There are thousands of properties throughout southern Vancouver Island that rely on septic systems to handle the waste water and sewage.  The CRD shares some tips and information about landscaping around and overtop of your septic system.

Landscaping Supply Companies in Saanich, Sidney and Victoria

Sidney and North Saanich Landscape Suppliers

Peninsula Landscape Supply
2078 Henry Ave W
Sidney, BC V8L 5Y1
Phone: (250)-656-6719

Peninsula Landscape Supply offers many different types of landscaping products including various mulches, soils, gravel and other surface materials.  They offer delivery services for both small and large sized material deliveries.

Marigold Nursery
7874 Lochside Drive
Saanichton, BC V8M 2B9
Phone: (250)-652-3312
Marigold Nurseries is a fourth-generation, family owned and operated garden centre that supplies both retail and wholesale customers in Greater Victoria and up and down Vancouver Island.
Mitchells Excavating
7473 East Saanich Rd
Saanichton BC V8M 1W2
Phone: (250)-652-1640
Mitchells Excavating has been on the Saanich Peninsula since the 1950's.  They offer excavating services for your landscaping projects as well as full gravel and top soil mart with various landscaping products.  Delivery is available.

Saanich and Victoria Landscape Suppliers

Trio Gravel Mart
109 Howell Rd.
Esquimalt, BC V9A 7K7
Phone: (250)-658-5235
Trio Gravel Mart has been around for decades.  It used to be located in Cordova Bay but has moved to a more central location at the address listed.  They carry a wide range of landscaping supply products and offer delivery service throughout Victoria and Saanich as well.
Island Pro Bins
North Saanich V8L 5S8
Phone: (250) 833-8544
Island Pro Bins provides dumpster bin rentals throughout Victoria and The Saanich Peninsula.  They rent 10 yard, 12 yard and 20 yard dumpsters for landscaping projects including sod removal, retaining wall removal, driveway removal and more.  Our bins can also be delivered and dropped off full of landscaping materials including aggregates, rock, gravel, sand and more.
Buy The Yard
4050 Happy Valley Rd.
Victoria , BC , V9C3X8
Phone: (250)-478-7221
Buy The Yard is a landscape supply store located in Colwood.  They offer a variety of landscaping supplies such as mulches, top soils, decorative mulches and more.  Delivery is available.

Landscaping Companies in Saanich, Sidney and Victoria

Island Pro Mowing and Landscaping Victoria BC - Island Pro Mowing and Landscaping is a lawn and landscape company serving the Saanich Peninsula and Greater Victoria area.  They specialize in lawn maintenance and irrigation services for large estates, stratas and commercial properties.  Their landscaping division specializes in landscape installations including both softscapes and hardscapes, tree and hedge trimming, garden bed mulching, power washing concrete surfaces and more.

Island Pro Bins (250) 833-8544 - Island Pro Bins is based out of North Saanich and specializes in dumpster rentals for contractors, landscapers, roofers, demolitions, renovations, construction, clean-ups and more.  Dumpster rentals are available in 10 yard rock box dumpsters, 12 yard dump body dumpsters, 12 yard dumpsters and 20 yard dumpsters.  Dumpsters are available for delivery throughout Greater Victoria and The Saanich Peninsula.

Baillie Irrigation - Baillie Irrigation is a full service irrigation installation and maintenance contractor serving Sidney, Saanich and Victoria.  They specialize in spring irrigation start-ups, fall blow outs, new system installations, irrigation programming and more.

Jims Mowing - A large provider of lawn care and basic landscaping services throughout the Greater Victoria region.  Jims is operated by individual franchises spread out by territories across the city.  If you need your lawn mowed in a hurry they are a good resource.

Do you have a local Southern Vancouver Island landscaping resource you think should be added to this page?  Please let us know!